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Mia Khalifa is an entrepreneur, sports commentator, and social media star. After hosting a sports show with an NBA All-Star, she went on to host her own sports commentary show, cementing herself as a powerful female voice in the industry.

When she's not yelling at a Capitals hockey game on TV, she is usually sharing her passions for fine dining and home cooking to her 20+ million Instagram followers, bringing them along for each bite and recipe. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Chef Robert Sandberg, where she claims she does most of the home cooking.

Robert Sandberg is a Swedish born chef that has worked in world-renowned kitchens across the globe for over 10 years, some of which include Frantzen (Stockholm, ***) Noma (Copenhagen, **) and Maaemo (Oslo, ***), as well as being the Worldchefs Hans Bueschkens Young Chef Challenge 2016 winner.

Robert specializes in classic techniques with a modern touch, specifically in French, Asian, and Nordic cuisine. Robert has since relocated from Europe to Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife Mia Khalifa and their two dogs, as he moves towards opening his first restaurant in America.

Recreate Mia and Robert's recipes with their favorite Regalis ingredients. 

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Best Fresh Foie Gras Grade A photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Fresh Foie Gras Grade A

Made from sustainably raised Moulard ducks on what we believe to be the nation’s finest vertically integrated duck farm and processing operation, this selection delivers everything we look for in fresh foie gras. Buttery smooth, sweet, and sturdy enough to withstand frying without rendering an excessive amount of fat, there is no foie gras better suited to this ingredient’s full breadth of possibilities, whether turned into a terrine, pâté, torchon, or just thinly sliced and seared.

Based in Sullivan County, Upstate New York, our duck partners give an incredible amount of care to their birds, from breeding to feeding to slaughter. Few consumers are aware of the disproportionate difficulty in ethically raising waterfowl without antibiotics, or the amount of space and attention required to ensure that ducks have ample space to roam and feed without irresponsible exposure to disease introduction from migratory relatives. In order to optimize their birds’ dispositions to these circumstances, these Moulards sustain a careful lineage originating from a hybrid of Pekin hens and Muscovy drakes, balancing ideal traits for size, fat content, mobility, digestion, and demeanor. From there, the ducks are raised significantly longer than the majority of American chickens, spending their final twenty five days before harvest experiencing the eminently complex and controversial period of gavage -- deliberately feeding the birds more than they would otherwise ingest, fattening their liver for the development of foie gras.

Regardless of feelings toward the practice itself, our partners have developed and refined the least intrusive means of administering this feeding process that we have ever seen anywhere in the world. Every duck’s esophagus is carefully monitored before its daily feeding to ensure it is not bulging or uncomfortably saturated, and the birds are then fed a precise amount of corn and soy through a plastic tube that slides into their gullets. After twenty five days of this process, the ducks are stunned before being slaughtered, hung to air dry, and then portioned into various foie gras formats as well as breasts, legs, confit, and other finished renditions.


*This product arrives fully frozen, please allow at least 1 hour to thaw in refrigeration. 

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Best Platinum Osetra Caviar photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Platinum Osetra Caviar

Platinum is one the rarest classifications on the caviar spectrum, with only 5% of the harvest technically qualifying for this designation. In addition to its distinctive color, Platinum Osetra must be of a certain size and quality, and is made from sustainably farm-raised acipenser gueldenstaedtii, more commonly referred to as Osetra or Russian Sturgeon, a slightly smaller and more slowly maturing relative to the famed Beluga Sturgeon. The texture of this caviar is firm, with a nutty flavor, a briskly briny aftertaste, and an indulgently buttery resonant mouthfeel. This is among the most impressive, distinct caviar options in our lineup.

Caviar is one of our most important and beloved collections, and we are incredibly proud to carry a line of exquisite-quality, sustainably produced offerings prepared exclusively for Regalis. Our partners bring decades of fishing and production experience to their Netherlands-based sturgeon farm, fusing efficient, ethical, and modern sensibilities with refined palates. Under the guidance of veritable masters of the caviar trade whose families have sustained the highest quality practices in Russian and Caspian caviar for generations, all of their caviars are made without the use of borax, pasteurization methods, coloring agents, or any other unscrupulous techniques. Their diligence not only yields luxuriously delicious offerings, but guarantees 100% traceability from fish to jar, and introduces unparalleled consistency throughout the year.

Produced in the Netherlands

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