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Finger Limes
Finger Limes

Finger Limes

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Finger Limes are a wild cultivar native to SE Queensland and New South Wales Australia. A once popular indigenous food for the native Aboriginals, through European deforestation for farming, today there are sadly no more wild citrus trees in existence. Luckily, grafted trees have made their way to surrounding pockets of the country as well as to California where we source copious quantities. 

Finger limes take 3-5 years before bearing their first fruit and typically only produce every other season. Finger limes are thought to have the widest range of color variation within any citrus species ranging from green to red to black. Their pulp, which also ranges in color, is prized for its caviar-like texture and flavor-wise is extremely bright with slight bitterness. 

We absolutely love finger limes;  as their internal pearls are the perfect textural addition to any food.

Available in 1/2 lb or 1 lb increments.

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