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Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Striploin

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Our award winning A5 wagyu is sourced direct from the Miyachiku Cooperative in Miyazaki prefecture, JP.

A5 Wagyu is graded on a 12 point BMS scale to determine inter-muscular marbling. Miyachiku's average score is 10-12.  Conventional prime beef in comparison has a BMS of 4.

Having fantastic yield and incredible texture, A5 is unlike any other beef in the world. We suggest pan searing on high heat or slicing paper thin and warming with a blow torch. Wagyu will never overcook, so we encourage a hard sear. 

Wagyu also freezes fantastically well due to the high fat composition. 

Item available as, 13-17oz avg, 17-23oz avg, 3.5-4.5lb avg, or 12-15lb avg. Sold frozen as one solid piece.