Regalis x Roze Traore

Rōze Traore is a chef, cultural ambassador, globe-trotter, mental health advocate, innovator and much more.

While recovering from his second open heart surgery in his young teens, Rōze looked towards the kitchen for a place of healing and recovery. At 18 years old, he packed up his knife kit to follow his passion and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu. From there he took his learnings and went to work in some of the most prestigious kitchens across the globe including Eleven Madison Park under the tutelage of three-Michelin starred chef Daniel Humm. Inspired by the different cultures and flavors experienced during his travels, Rōze perfected a distinct ability to translate elements of elevated fine-dining into approachable techniques for the enthusiastic home chef. Throughout his career, Rōze has made it his mission to help those of every socio-economic background, working to bring the pleasures of eating fresh, beautiful food to communities facing food insecurity.

Now Rōze has turned his attention towards his own company, Rōze Traore LLC, through which he creates virtual + IRL dining experiences for acclaimed clients, recently collaborating with AirBnb, The New York Times, Veuve Clicquot, Ralph Lauren, GQ, Twitter and more.

Recreate Roze's recipes with his favorite Regalis ingredients.

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Best Platinum Osetra Caviar photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Platinum Osetra Caviar

Platinum is one the rarest classifications on the caviar spectrum, with only 5% of the harvest technically qualifying for this designation. In addition to its distinctive color, Platinum Osetra must be of a certain size and quality, and is made from sustainably farm-raised acipenser gueldenstaedtii, more commonly referred to as Osetra or Russian Sturgeon, a slightly smaller and more slowly maturing relative to the famed Beluga Sturgeon. The texture of this caviar is firm, with a nutty flavor, a briskly briny aftertaste, and an indulgently buttery resonant mouthfeel. This is among the most impressive, distinct caviar options in our lineup.

Caviar is one of our most important and beloved collections, and we are incredibly proud to carry a line of exquisite-quality, sustainably produced offerings prepared exclusively for Regalis. Our partners bring decades of fishing and production experience to their Netherlands-based sturgeon farm, fusing efficient, ethical, and modern sensibilities with refined palates. Under the guidance of veritable masters of the caviar trade whose families have sustained the highest quality practices in Russian and Caspian caviar for generations, all of their caviars are made without the use of borax, pasteurization methods, coloring agents, or any other unscrupulous techniques. Their diligence not only yields luxuriously delicious offerings, but guarantees 100% traceability from fish to jar, and introduces unparalleled consistency throughout the year.

Produced in the Netherlands

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