Roze Traore Chef

Regalis x Roze Traore

The kitchen has always been a special place for Rōze, especially when he was a young teen and found healing and comfort cooking in the kitchen following a second open-heart surgery.

After attending Le Cordon Bleu, Rōze went on to work in highly-acclaimed kitchens around the world, including Eleven Madison Park, where he worked under the likes of Daniel Humm, a three-Michelin starred chef.

Traveling and living among different cultures imparted Rōze with the unique ability to weave core elements of fine dining into accessible techniques and skills for home chefs enthusiastic about taking their cooking to the next level. No matter where his career has taken him, Rōze has always focused on the mission of providing fresh, beautiful food to communities facing food insecurity.

Rōze’s company, Rōze Traore, LLC, creates incredible dining experiences both in real life and virtually for acclaimed clients. Recent partners include The New York Times, GQ, AirBnB, Twitter, NY Times, Ralph Lauren, and Veuve Clicquot.

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