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Louisiana Frog Legs (5 lbs)

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Wild-caught in Louisiana, these frog legs are as pure and fresh as any to be found in the US. Marrying a plump, succulent texture with a flavor profile that straddles the line between poultry and fish, these are a sneakily excellent crowd-pleaser, despite their relative rarity in most of the country. They’re frequently breaded and deep-fried, making a fantastic alternative to chicken legs and wings, but traditional French cuisine offers myriad other ways to enjoy them. 

While mass-market, imported frog legs are typically full of preservatives, these are sourced from clean ecosystems and caught by hand. This is no easy feat—frogs are most active at night, and getting within arm's reach requires precision, finesse, and at least a little bit of stealth. This skill combined with Louisiana frogs' healthy diet of crawfish makes these the finest frog selections we've tasted.


5 lbs

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