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Louisiana Frog Legs (5 lbs)

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Wild-caught in Louisiana, these frog legs are as pure and fresh as any to be found in the US. Marrying a plump, succulent texture with a flavor profile that straddles the line between poultry and fish, these are a sneakily excellent crowd-pleaser, despite their relative rarity in most of the country. They’re frequently breaded and deep-fried, making a fantastic alternative to chicken legs and wings, but traditional French cuisine offers myriad other ways to enjoy them. 

While mass-market, imported frog legs are typically full of chemicals and preservatives, these are sourced from clean ecosystems and harvested meticulously by talented and dedicated partners sustaining a tradition that runs deep in both Cajun and French cultures. The frogs are caught at night, by “gigging” — hunting with a long spear or trident, an old and precise technique reserved for very small game and certain fish. It is amazing to see these practices extant in places where they remain a key link between culinary and hunting cultures, and the excellence of the final product only serves to reinforce the virtue and value in keeping these traditions alive.


5 lbs