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Chef Dayana Joseph, also known as "Chef Day" is a French and Italian fine dining trained Chef from Haiti, trained under the direct mentor-ship and tutelage of Michelin Star Chefs in New York City.

Chef Day's career began working with the Dinex group, with Chef Daniel Boulud, where she worked at several of his restaurants including Restaurant Daniel, Bar Boulud, and Boulud Sud. She then worked at Spring Place at Spring Studios developing recipes for the restaurant and catering division. Soon after, Chef Day started her own supper club in NYC. The exclusive supper club featured 5 to 7 course menus served in beautiful and historic brownstones in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Harlem. One of which was at the Dapper Dan/ Gucci Atelier in Harlem. Her supper clubs were known for their themed menus and all-inclusive specialty wines curated by sommeliers from all over the world. Chef Day has also taught culinary classes and nutritional health to Elementary, and Middle school aged children in Brooklyn neighborhoods that are considered food deserts for lack of their access to fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients. Chef Day is currently the Executive Chef of APT 4B, located in the neighborhood of Buckhead, Atlanta, Ga.

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Best Red Carabinero Prawn, 1.1 kilo box photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Red Carabinero Prawn, 1.1 kilo box

Ruby red and jumbo in proportion, these Carabinero Prawns pack juicy, succulent meat with salty brightness and brisk freshness. Caught off the coast of Huelva, in southwestern Spain, these prawns are flash frozen as soon as they’ve been hoisted to the surface, maximizing their longevity and retaining fresh flavor and texture once they’ve shipped.

Carabineros are the world's largest prawns, living far off the coast in deep waters of the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. In Spanish and Portuguese cuisines, they are typically prepared with just a little bit of salt and a few minutes on the grill, showcasing their sheer richness and sweetness. We also love them seared, poached, or steamed, and we often dress them with Nori butter to coax out an even creamier mouthfeel with amplified oceanic herbaceousness. Regardless of how they’re prepared, we implore you not to let any bit of these prawns go to waste -- so much of their distinctive flavor is in the head, which retains its brilliantly red color throughout the cooking process. A stunning fish to share with guests, we are always thrilled to feature these Carabineros. 

Huelva, Spain

1.1kg packs in either U4, U5-7, or 7/9 sizes

Shrimp and prawn sizing are relative, indicating how many pieces form a pound. The “U” stands for “under” - which means that a “U4” features the largest individual fish, since “under four” of them will add up to a pound. U5 will feature slightly smaller prawns, with fewer than five of them forming a pound, and 7/9 means that 7 - 9 will form a pound.

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