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Hokkaido Sea Scallops

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Scallops from Hokkaido are known for their explosive sweetness, vibrantly juicy texture, and impeccably delicate flavor, altogether making them the preferred selection for raw, sashimi-style presentations around the world. In addition to raw presentations, these scallops’ size and plumpness make them wonderfully suitable to a hard sear or grilling over hot charcoal, yielding a crackling exterior followed by supple smoothness on the inside.

It is no coincidence that so many of our finest seafood options come from the waters surrounding Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido. From the northeast, the island is met by the frigid Oyashio Current, bringing water southward from the Arctic Circle to the Sea of Okhotsk and the northern Pacific Ocean. These waters collide with the northbound Kuroshio Current off of Japan’s eastern shores, yielding exceptionally high tides and a vast, nutrient-rich environment, fertile ground for a huge variety of marine flora and fauna. Seaweed from this region - most famously kombu - is a delicacy on its own, feeding so much of what we eventually cherish for fresh seafood.

Hokkaido, Japan

500g tray, 6-8 scallops