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Green Yuzu Kosho, 50g
Green Yuzu Kosho, 50g

Green Yuzu Kosho, 50g

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Yuzu Kosho is a prized spice medley in Japanese cuisine, increasingly garnering well-deserved acclaim in western kitchens for many years. This green rendition is made by fermenting salted green chiles with juice and zest from fresh yuzu. The result is a spicy, citrusy, vivacious pop that sears through fatty textures and flavor profiles, infusing any dish with complex vitality. Though perhaps most frequently used in this spirit for meat, yuzu kosho is equally effective for fish, soups, or vegetables, whether incorporated into a marinade or roux or simply sprinkled atop a finished plating.

On its own, Yuzu may look like a bumpy, uglier cousin to the lemon, but its flavor, fragrance, and intensity are incomparable to other citrus. Decadently floral, tart, and assertively aromatic, the scent of Yuzu is so potent that it is cherished in Japan not only for its culinary value, but also as a perfume and bathing oil for special occasions. Although the fruits produce very little juice, the rind and peel are so sweet and flavorful that they lend themselves to a huge variety of recipes to great effect. In addition to yuzu kosho, yuzu is a fundamental part of Ponzu sauce, and is found in all sorts of soups, teas, deserts, sashimi, and cocktails.

Jar contains 50g yuzu kosho