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Pennsylvania Golden Chicken
Pennsylvania Golden Chicken

Pennsylvania Golden Chicken

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These regal birds are unlike any other poultry we've tried, living up to their name even before you've had a taste. 

Our partners in Pennsylvania have been breeding and raising this lineage of heritage chickens for decades, each generation upholding and refining the traits that earn them distinction. Of course, it is the majestic golden glow that first makes its impression, whether catching glimpse of the bird itself or simply its title. Thankfully, as is often the case with the finest ingredients of the world, this stunning visual is not a product of any strange devices, but a proud manifestation of the old adage that you are what you eat. Feasting on 100% organic, non-GMO yellow corn and ranging freely for more than twice as long as mass-market chickens, these birds brilliantly exude the spoils of their rearing. Their meat is lusciously fatty, juicy, succulent and soft. Already starting off with such an envious shade, they go on to caramelize marvellously as well, with incredible texture and depth of flavor with scarce peers among their poultry cousins.

Weighing approximately five pounds per bird, we are yet to find a chicken recipe that isn't elevated with this bird, and we especially love to pair it with strong umami counterparts, whether via truffles, fresh mushrooms, or seaweeds.

Please note that the golden-yellow hue of the bird will intensify after a couple of days air-drying in a cold environment. Upon receipt, do not be alarmed if your bird is not as intensely colorful as the one in the photo!


~4.5 lbs/bird

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