Eunjo Park Daniel in New York and Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia, Gaon Chef Seoul, Korea

Named one of Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs 2020, Eunjo “Jo” Park serves as the Executive Chef of Kawi in NYC, one of the latest Momofuku restaurants founded by David Chang. 

Park’s family moved from Seoul, South Korea to Philadelphia when she was 12 years old, and after studying at the Culinary Institute of America, she built a reputation working in distinguished French kitchens like Per Se and Daniel in New York and Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia.

Park joined the Momofuku family in 2013 when she worked at Ko for a handful of years before returning to South Korea to explore the culinary heritage of Korean food. Time spent cooking at Gaon, a restaurant awarded three Michelin stars, and staging under the tutelage of Monk Chef Jeong Kwan at Baekyangsa Temple (Chunjinam Hermitage), inspired Park’s unique take on Korean-American cuisine - a perspective she melds with her fine dining background in her work as Executive Chef at Momofuku Kawi.

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