Winter Black Perigord Truffle - FLASH FROZEN

Winter Black Perigord Truffle - FLASH FROZEN

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The “Périgord” Winter Truffle (tuber melanosporum) is rich with deep, earthy undertones reminiscent of cognac, chocolate and musk. Notable for their strong aroma which comes to life when gently heated. Unlike their garlicky White truffle counterparts which should only be shaven raw atop completed dishes, the Black Winter Truffle can also be frozen to pro-long its shelf life. This item is in fact frozen as fresh Winter Black Truffles are out of season.

Famously sniffed after by pigs, today most Périgords are searched for with the aid of trained dogs, who have come to be preferred. The real reason is that pigs are so infatuated by the earthy aroma of black truffles that there are stories of truffle hunters who have lost fingers while attempting to rescue the fungus from their ravenous snouts. 

Regalis sources Winter “Perigord” Black Truffles from Eastern Spain as well as parts of Vaucluse, FR.

While many companies sell truffles, we are the most direct link to our pool of hunters overseas. No one gets a better selection or fresher truffle.


To thaw, leave the black truffles in the refrigerator overnight. Flash Frozen Perigord Truffles are best shaved when not fully thawed and still partially frozen. Fully thawed truffles will be extremely soft and are best if minced or chopped to add to a dish.

All flash-frozen items are shipped with multiple ice packs in insulated shipping boxes and will arrive cold. Some items will arrive partially or completely thawed. Unfortunately during this time, we are not able to source dry ice.
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Variant Options- Quarter Pound (4 oz) & 1 lb (16 oz)