Cooking with Eric Wareheim

Tips and Tricks

Regalis Foods Platinum Osetra Caviar:

Eat directly out of the jar with a spoon or scoop it up with Jose Andres’ Spanish style potato chips.

Summer Truffles:

Make some homemade pasta. It’s easy and so rewarding. Sautee pasta with some good butter. Barely season. Then grate some truffles on top. BOOM! Magic.


Try some raw with a lil wasabi and soy. It’s heavenly. Another method, get a cast iron ripping hot. Cut a piece of the fat and use it to oil the pan. Sear 60 seconds on each side. Serve with just a touch of lemon and salt.

Red Boat Phu Quoc Black Peppercorns:

Crush them up and season your steaks with this. It’s transcendent.

La Brujula Sardines:

Some of the best quality tinned fish I’ve had. In love with these.