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European Golden Chanterelles

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Chanterelles are firm, meaty, golden mushrooms that consistently rank among the most fondly regarded foraged edibles we purvey. Their sturdy texture makes them exceptionally versatile and resilient across myriad culinary approaches, with an earthy, peppery, piquant foundation offset by a distinctly sweet, stone fruity brightness often compared to apricots. Though they work beautifully in virtually any recipe that calls for mushrooms, we especially enjoy preparing chanterelles in butter or cream, where their dense flavor profile is lusciously amplified and absorbed by anything served alongside them. 

Freshly foraged in Europe, we love this selection's super-distinct golden glow, almost as if the mushrooms were dusted with turmeric. Their flavor is a robust and round expression of the classic chanterelle profile, and for the summertime, we love to thinly slice and sautée them with fresh, crisp vegetables. 


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