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Kookwanmo Marsh Snail Black Vinegar

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Established in 1994, family-owned Kookwanmo has made its name through its quality black vinegar, brewed traditionally. Combining a brown rice base with only natural, and local, ingredients, the vinegar mixtures are aged in traditional Korean earthenware urns for at least three years in order to create the deep color that is unique to black vinegars.

Marsh snails are blended with the schisandra berry (imagine a mix between a blackberry and a raspberry) along with wildflower honey bringing out a hint of sweetness that perfectly rounds out this vinegar.

In Korea, an aged vinegar such as this will normally be diluted with three parts water and drunk on its own. However, we have found that it pairs nicely with a quality soy sauce or sesame oil in various recipes.

Contains 600ml black snail vinegar