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Saffron Milk Cap Mushrooms, 1lb

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No foraged mushroom has been celebrated longer than Saffron Milk Caps, with their iconic figure featuring prominently as far back as a fresco from the Roman ruins of Herculaneum. They remain beloved across the pond, known as Rovellons or Níscalo in Spain, where still no other mushroom wins more affection. Although fleeting shelf life makes importing them impractical and disappointing, there are select pockets in the US where they grow wild. All of these selections were hand foraged by our founder, Ian Purkayastha, in western Massachusetts.

As any ancient Roman or contemporary Spaniard will tell you, there’s much to love about Lactarius deliciosus -- this mushroom’s actual scientific name. Just nutty and woodsy enough to be transportive without sacrificing crunchiness or culinary versatility, Saffron Milk Caps are fantastic in any recipe calling for mushrooms, but are especially pleasant when pickled, or when allowed to sweat into a pan at the beginning of a sauce recipe. Look to Catalonian recipes for ample inspiration on enjoying these time honored woodland nuggets, perfectly suited for the chillier evenings of autumn.

Massachusetts, USA


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