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Wild Black Maitake - Hen of the Woods

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Prized for their woodsy character, feathery appearance, and umami intensity, Maitake mushrooms are a favorite of foragers, chefs, and diners around the world. This particular selection was foraged by hand by our founder, Ian Purkayastha, in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. With a strong, peppery fragrance and a meaty, earthy flavor profile, Maitakes (also commonly referred to as Hen of the Wood) are among our favorite mushrooms to roast, as cooking is what truly brings their assertive flavors to the forefront. 

Though found throughout the northern hemisphere, Hen of the Woods have an especially enthusiastic following in New England, where their season typically lasts a stretch of several weeks, roughly from September through November, depending on precise location. Often found in massive, heavy clusters, we recommend preparing some of these mushrooms fresh and either drying or pickling some of them as well, to make the most of the season. Thanks to their sturdy texture and strong, savory flavor, Maitakes make for as satisfying a “mushroom steak” as any, though they meld into a boundless range of other recipes as well. 

Berkshires, Massachusetts

~5.5 - 6 lb whole clusters