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Crosnes, 1 lb.

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Crosnes (pronounced "crones") are actually small, cream-colored tubers that often fly under the radar of seriously delicious produce. Their shape might be a bit uncommon, but their flavor resembles that of sunchoke, and you can apply the same cooking techniques to enjoy. Toting a unique crunchy texture when raw, crosnes are ideal for pickling and, when roasted, their taste concentrates to a slightly sweet and velvety smooth consistency. You often won't see these anywhere in the market or grocery store because they are so difficult to harvest — entirely picked by hand. 

Surprisingly, crosnes are actually a part of the mint family. Originating in Japan, these tasty tubers made their way to China and became an important ingredient in Chinese medicine. The entire vegetable is revered as a symbol of longevity and well-known cold remedy. It carries a French name since it's arrival in Europe in the 1880s and landed in the town of 'Crosne', giving it its namesake. Also known as Chinese artichoke, knot root, chorogi and Japanese artichoke.

Available in 1 lb. 

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