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Fresh Wasabi Rhizome, Misho Variety

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Misho Wasabi is the sweetest of our imported Japanese wasabis. Misho is delicate and sweet, and typically much larger than its Mazuma cousin.

 We love this wasabi variety for its versatility in a multitude of applications. 

Though most regard wasabi as a familiar flavor, it is a wildly rare ingredient to come upon in its true form. The reason for this is simple: wasabi is one of the world's most difficult and expensive plants to cultivate, and these costs are almost impossibly high if aspiring toward a commercial, cost-effective scale. Wasabi requires an extremely particular perennial climate - moderate temperature, shelter from direct sunlight, seasonally high humidity, and a consistent supply of clean, flowing water without stagnation. These conditions are most classically exemplified in certain pockets of the Japanese mountains, but even there, it takes years for a single stem to progress from seed to harvestable crop.

Each individual piece ranges between 5-8 oz.