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Hanega Fig Vinegar

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We were excited to try this, as fig vinegars made by traditional Korean methods are quite rare. Figs were previously overlooked in favor of other fruits like Asian pears or persimmons, but have recently begun to gain popularity as awareness grows regarding their health benefits and flavor.

Seventy percent of figs harvested in Korea, and 100 percent of those used by Hanega, come from the JeonNam region in southwestern Korea, where the warmer climate is optimal for growing figs and other orchard fruits.

A great drinking vinegar, it also goes well in slaws and salads, and is a great partner to meat and fowl dishes.

●  Made in Ganghwado, South Korea
●  Aged at least 3 years
●  Unpasteurized. Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives, trans-fats or refined sugar
●  Ingredients:  Fig, ginkgo, rice, pine needles, malt, yeast, brown sugar, water

Contains 350ml fig vinegar

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