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Hanega Plum Vinegar

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Much more tart than their American cousins, plums in Korea are rarely eaten raw; rather, they are typically made into syrups, pickles and even alcohol. This flavorful little fruit packs a healthy punch as well - it has long been used in Asian medicine to reduce fatigue and help with digestion.

We love this vinegar as part of a vinaigrette and actually use it to thin out miso and gochujang. It is also a great drinking vinegar when mixed with sparkling water (for an extra umph, try adding a splash of gin and a slice of lemon).

● Made in Ganghwado, South Korea
● Aged at least 3 years
● Unpasteurized. Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives, trans-fats or refined sugar
● Ingredients:  Plum, ginkgo, rice, pine needles, malt, yeast, brown sugar, water

Contans 350ml plum vinegar