Fresh Hungarian Honey Truffle

Fresh Hungarian Honey Truffle

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Hungarian Honey Truffles (Mattirolomyces terfezioides) are a rare variety of Truffle found only in Hungary under black acacia trees. They have aromas of warm brioche and vanilla, with a lingering honey sweetness when eaten.

Similar to the white truffle, Honey Truffles do not have an exterior skin, making them very delicate. With a 90% sugar content, Honeys are excellent shaved over ripe fruit, gelato, and pastries; they also have an interesting sweet note to savory applications.

Unlike other truffle varieties, firmness and density are irrelevant with honey truffles. As they become more ripe, they become softer and sweeter.

Available in 4 oz, 1/2 lb, and 1 lb increments.