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Whole Hiramasa
Whole Hiramasa

Whole Hiramasa

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Hiramasa, or Yellowtail Kingfish, is an esteemed fish found primarily in the southern Pacific Ocean. Large, fatty, and fittingly regal, Hiramasa has an incredible combination of firm texture and delicate flavor, as well as a unique balance between sweetness and umami. It is widely regarded as one of the pinnacle selections for sashimi, though its sturdy structure makes it versatile enough for a variety of preparations. Finally, an exceptionally generous ratio of meat to bone rounds out its widespread appeal.

Hiramasa is very rare to come across in the open seas, and even farmed availability is quite restricted, maintaining high cost and value of true Hiramasa. Nonetheless, the quality of this selection speaks for itself, and few who have had the chance to try the Kingfish regret making the leap.

Whole fish averages 8 - 11 lbs

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