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Green Stem Wasabi, 1/3 lb avg.

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This Wasabi variety has quickly become a favorite of ours, with ample sweetness and a creamy texture, while still maintaining its characteristic bright green flavor and zero bitterness. 

Though most regard wasabi as a familiar flavor, it is a wildly rare ingredient to come upon in its true form. The reason for this is simple: wasabi is one of the world's most difficult and expensive plants to cultivate, and these costs are almost impossibly high if aspiring toward a commercial, cost-effective scale. Wasabi requires an extremely particular perennial climate - moderate temperature, shelter from direct sunlight, seasonally high humidity, and a consistent supply of clean, flowing water without stagnation. These conditions are most classically exemplified in certain pockets of the Japanese mountains, but even there, it takes years for a single stem to progress from seed to harvestable crop.

Each individual piece ranges between 5-8 oz. 

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