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Spanish Octopus
Spanish Octopus

Spanish Octopus

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Aside from being among the most epic, sinister, and mystical creatures in the sea, the octopus is a venerated ingredient across many cuisines. Ours are caught off the coast of Huelva, in southwestern Spain, then immediately flash-frozen and tenderized to both maximize freshness and optimize texture. With a soft feel and a clean, mild flavor profile that highlights its preparation, this Spanish Octopus is a fantastic entry to preparing octopus at home. 

Though our portfolio is full of enchanting ingredients worth getting to know, few more mercilessly implore deeper inquisition than the octopus. With every fact learned, another conundrum appears, whether tantalizing or infuriating. For instance, there is the artistry of catching an octopus, which not only entails shrewd fishery, but also utilizes terracotta tinajas that may otherwise appear to be handsome vessels for fermenting wine or raising cacti. Mistaking the tinajas for rocky nooks and crannies,  an unsuspecting octopus is inclined to curl up inside the pot, though they’d seldom make such a mistake with plastic or other more pedestrian materials. As for tenderizing the flesh once caught, there are myriad techniques sworn upon by some and scorned by others. Regardless, because the cephalopods lack bones to anchor and support their tendons, the connective tissues of their arm muscles are so tough that some sort of tenderizing is required in order to appropriately prepare and enjoy the octopus. Finally, there is even the polarizing smattering of ways to refer to an octopus in plural form - while the heart gravitates toward octopi, Merriam Webster insists that both octopuses and octopodes are also correct. At Regalis, we side with the 1834 issue of the Penny Magazine for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, in which the author states that “it is certain that the octopi do attain to a very large size in the seas; and there is nothing improbable in their taking hold of a man and drowning him.” This quote is invoked for its etymological significance, not to induce fear, though such a consequence cannot exactly be described as unintended.

Delicious as crudo.

Huelva, Spain


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