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Yuba (2 lbs)
Yuba (2 lbs)
Yuba (2 lbs)

Yuba (2 lbs)

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Yuba forms when soy milk is simmered, developing a layer of concentrated soy proteins that can be captured from the surface of the milk, dried, and used for a variety of classical Japanese and Chinese dishes. Though related to tofu, Yuba is formed simply by this process of skimming and drying, without the addition of an external coagulant, making it an even more versatile, shapeshifting protein capable of mimicking meats or starches depending on how it’s prepared. If minimally adorned, Yuba will have a smooth, light, airy feel and flavor that is pleasant but very mild. Like tofu, however, it will beautifully absorb the flavors of anything and everything that surrounds it, and its structure is very well-suited to frying. Whether an accent atop a sashimi platter or the focal point of a noodle bowl, look to Japanese and Chinese cuisines for myriad Yuba inspirations.

2 lbs

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