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Northern Grey Shrimp (3 lbs)

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This item is only available during certain seasons, and its availability is dependent upon weather conditions. Ingredients like this are fantastic hallmarks of their seasons.

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“One could argue that the Northern Grey shrimp is the Goldilocks of Gulf shrimp,” our seafood buyer tells us, and with their impeccable balance of attributes and aptitudes for a wide range of preparations, we’re not inclined to counter. Especially in southern Louisiana, the Northern Grey is the Queen of the Gulf, with malleable flavor and texture sturdy enough for gumbo yet mild enough for raw dishes. Found in relatively shallow waters, this species is fished yearround throughout most of the Gulf, Texas excluded.

Like all of our shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, litopenaeus setiferus is caught on a small vessel that is part of a decade-long Fishery Improvement Project in the Gulf, representing a partnership that we are extremely proud of.

Gulf of Mexico

3 lbs, head-off, frozen

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