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Best Yuzu Dark Chocolate Bar photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
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Yuzu Dark Chocolate Bar
Yuzu Dark Chocolate Bar

Yuzu Dark Chocolate Bar

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This item is only available during certain seasons, and its availability is dependent upon weather conditions. Ingredients like this are fantastic hallmarks of their seasons.

Product Description

Floral, tart, and fragrant, yuzu pairs decadently and dazzlingly with this dark chocolate bar's sturdy, sweet base. We sourced the fruit from partners in California, and carefully dehydrated it ourselves. We are always thrilled to showcase yuzu, a citrus fruit so powerfully aromatic and distinct that it is frequently used for perfumes or oils in addition to its extensive representation in Japanese cuisine. 

In addition to the slivers of yuzu strewn across the front of this bar, the back is airbrushed with a beautiful geometric pattern that's warrants a long gaze before the bar's finished. A truly beautiful collaboration in every sense of the word.

Each bar is ~75 grams

Ingredients: 70% Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass, cane sugar), Yuzu

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