Best Spanish Whole Rabbit, 3 lb. avg photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Best Spanish Whole Rabbit, 3 lb. avg photos by Regalis Foods - item 2
Spanish Whole Rabbit, 3 lb. avg
Spanish Whole Rabbit, 3 lb. avg

Spanish Whole Rabbit, 3 lb. avg

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This item is only available during certain seasons, and its availability is dependent upon weather conditions. Ingredients like this are fantastic hallmarks of their seasons.

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Our Spanish Rabbit comes from Grupo Hermi, the reigning vanguard of top-quality rabbit throughout Europe for the past forty years. Grupo Hermi upholds an inspiringly principled approach to their craft, managing every aspect of farming, feeding, raising, butchering, and distributing their animals. Each stage of this supply and value chain is performed with utmost respect for the rabbits’ welfare and the environments they inhabit, culminating with an air-chilling process that is markedly superior to the more common, water-chilling tactic for preservation. Altogether, this dedication results in truly exquisite meat, lusciously tender and true to the distinguishing qualities of rabbit without any of the unpleasantness sometimes associated with lower quality offerings.

While rabbit remains somewhat uncommon in the United States, it is worth emphasizing how delicious and sustainable it truly is. As natural foragers, rabbits can be fed much more efficiently and unobtrusively than more commonly consumed animals, producing several multiples more meat with the same amount of resources. Its best flavor comparison is chicken, but it is earthier and sweeter in flavor than poultry, while remaining just as versatile in the kitchen. Look to Chinese, Spanish, French, and Italian cuisines for a wide range of excellent rabbit recipes.

Offered as a whole rabbit, 3 lb. avg.

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