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Best Fresh Taranome (Angelica Buds), 1 lb photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Best Fresh Taranome (Angelica Buds), 1 lb photos by Regalis Foods - item 2
Fresh Taranome (Angelica Buds), 1 lb
Fresh Taranome (Angelica Buds), 1 lb

Fresh Taranome (Angelica Buds), 1 lb

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Highly Seasonal

This item is only in season for a few weeks of the year, and its availability is even further limited by local weather patterns and foraging conditions. Ingredients like this are some of our favorite snapshots of time and place.

Product Description

The Japanese Angelica Tree, aralia elata, is a relatively small deciduous tree native to Japan, Korea, China and Russia. Introduced to the United States in the early nineteenth century, it is known for rapidly spreading in pockets of the northeast and northwest.

Each spring, young shoots are picked from the branches’ ends and used in a variety of contexts, depending on the cuisine. In Japan, they’re most commonly fried in a tempura style batter, while in Korea, they’re often blanched, pickled, or even simply pan-fried. 

When picked young and eaten fresh, Angelica Buds are wonderfully fragrant, with a stunning mixture of earthiness, bittersweetness, and an herbal brightness most commonly compared to juniper. Experiencing the quintessence of fresh Taranome is an elusive thrill — they must be harvested at precisely the right moment, for in a matter of days their dormant bitterness will obscure the magic of their full flavor profile. We are thankful for our partners’ impeccable diligence and timing, allowing us to share another regional springtime delicacy, far and wide.

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This is a freshly harvested, perishable item that we recommend utilizing promptly upon arrival.

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