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Fresh Wild Ramps
Fresh Wild Ramps

Fresh Wild Ramps

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Highly Seasonal

This item is only in season for a few weeks of the year, and its availability is even further limited by local weather patterns and foraging conditions. Ingredients like this are some of our favorite snapshots of time and place.

Product Description

Ramps are a wild allium that signal the arrival of spring. With flavors reminiscent of shallots, leeks, and wild garlic, what sets ramps apart is that they evoke these harsher alliums with a sweeter, mellower, and more palatable balance. Extremely versatile in the kitchen, ramp bulbs can be pickled and preserved, while their bright green tops are typically pureed and whipped into butter or minced to create a pesto. In the northeast, ramps are a fleetingly beloved pizza topping for their brief season each spring.

Sourced from Virginia, Michigan, Vermont, and Upstate New York.

1lb washed wild ramps

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This is a freshly harvested, perishable item that we recommend utilizing promptly upon arrival.

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