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Wild Black Trumpet Mushrooms - 1 lb

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These mushrooms look like Chanterelles dipped in satisfyingly dark ink, and they go by many names: Black Trumpet, the Horn of Plenty, the Trumpet of the Dead. Aside from clearly claiming the enviable distinction of “most metal mushroom,” Black Trumpets distinguish themselves with a smoky aroma reminiscent of black truffles, exquisite when cooked on their own or incorporated into a sauce. We especially enjoy folding Black Trumpets into a cream sauce, as their character not only beautifully  enlivens the flavor profile, but their color imbues the dish with an entrancing, otherworldly allure. 

Our Trumpets of the Dead are foraged from high-elevation forests in Oregon, where their season is short but sweetly spooky. As with all wild mushrooms, we advise enjoying yours within three days of receipt, and avoiding water when tidying them up - ideally with a paring knife, mushroom brush, or tea towel.

This item includes 1 lb. of fresh black trumpet mushrooms .