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Australian King Prawns (5 kg box)

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These large, succulent prawns are caught in the waters of South East Queensland and northern South Wales, Australia. Their flavor profile is a perfect balance between sweet and savory, with an assertive umami character that comes out beautifully when prepared as sashimi. Raw or gentle cooking showcases the rich, moist texture of the meat, but there is certainly enough structure here to withstand heavier handed preparations, like tempura. 

Though their taste and texture maximize their staying power, these prawns are lookers straight out of the water. Their body is a pinkish apricot hue, their legs dramatically azure, their tails speckled with technicolor markings, from green to brass to gold. Translucent when raw, the meat will morph into pink and white bands once cooked, rounding out their all-encompassing appeal even before the first bite.

Contains 5 kg (11 lbs) in a box. 

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