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Three-Year Fermented Doenjang

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Doenjang is a thick, earth-toned paste made of fermented soybeans and salt, and has been a staple in Korean kitchens for centuries. While Japanese miso ferments rice and other grains alongside soybeans, doenjang’s isolated use of soybeans results in a stronger, sharper, and deeper flavor with a coarse texture reminiscent of chunky peanut butter. This paste will inject any recipe with rich, complex umami.

The standard fermentation period for doenjang is at least 6 weeks, though Artisan Fermentary's matriarch Ms. Jonghee Kim ferments theirs for at least three years. The result is a deep, complex flavor not found in factory-made doenjang. Made using only 100% Korean-grown non-GMO soybeans and sea salt from the Yellow Sea, this fermented soybean paste will add a boost of umami to dips, soups, and stews.


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