Natural Cornicabra Olives

Natural Cornicabra Olives

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Olive Variety: Cornicabra Olive

Curing Method: Natural Brine Cured

Origin: Typical of Ciudad Real, Toledo, Madrid, Badajoz and Caceres

Time of Harvest: October - November

Description: The Cornicabra variety is usually used in olive oil production but in the typical regions of cultivation it is also very popular as a table olive. This olive is half way through the maturation process producing a beautiful color range from pale pink to dark purple. The cornicabra is oval-shaped with a small horn on one side, which gives the name to this variety: Corni-cabra meaning " the goat's horn ".

Serving Recommendations: Serve the olives with a dash of O-Med extra virgin olive oil. The unique shape and color of the olive makes it perfect to include in your own customized olive mix.