Best Fresh Winter White Truffles - Small Size photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Best Fresh Winter White Truffles - Small Size photos by Regalis Foods - item 2
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Fresh Winter White Truffles - Small Size
Fresh Winter White Truffles - Small Size
Fresh Winter White Truffles - Small Size

Fresh Winter White Truffles - Small Size

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For a few fleeting weeks from late fall through early winter, White Truffles reclaim their rightful place on the truffle throne. Mycophiles worldwide rejoice, foragers flock to their trusty hardwood haunts, and slivers of these explosively aromatic, cream colored mushrooms garnish plates with peerless aplomb. And though myths about truffles are rampant, rest assured that these particular selections are the realest of deals, this year sourced from our partners in northern Italy, and shipped multiple times each week to ensure peak freshness when they make their way to you.

Their flavor profile eludes easy summary - they’re garlicky, with a rustic barnyard funk reminiscent of exquisite cheese and a caramelized nutty sweetness that melts marvelously into fat. Unlike heftier truffle varieties, White Truffles should always be enjoyed raw, shaved directly onto a finished dish while still warm. Just this little bit of radiant heat is all it takes to unlock the mushroom’s aromatic complexity and graceful presence in any recipe.

Though White Truffles are sometimes referred to as Alba Truffles, this nickname is misleading, because the town of Alba, Italy does not actually produce any truffles. White Winter Truffles are properly designated by their scientific name, Tuber magnatum pico.

These truffles weigh ~8-20g each. If you're looking for larger truffles, you'll find our Medium White Truffles Here, and our Large White Truffles Here.

 Northern Italy

White Truffles are often considered the King of the mushroom kingdom. The aroma of this aromatic fungus is complex. Garlicky with notes of cheese and earth, there is nothing quite like a White Truffle (tuber magnatum pico). Excellent shaved onto risotto, fresh pasta, or even just warm bread and butter.

Regalis Foods directly imports fresh white truffles four days a week, from more than 7 different regions in Italy and across Eastern Europe. While many companies sell truffles, we are the most direct link to our pool of hunters overseas. No one gets a better selection or fresher truffle.

Wanting an Alba Truffle? There's actually no such thing. Contrary to popular belief, the town of Alba does not actually produce any truffles. The town's association to quality and freshness is actually meaningless in the truffle world. Every "Alba Truffle" sold is in actuality from a neighboring region in Italy or from Eastern Europe.
Use & care
For more truffle facts as well as frequently asked questions about storage and freshness questions please visit our Truffle FAQ's.

White Truffle Risotto with Caramelized Porcini Mushrooms & 24 month DOP Parmigiano Reggiano

Serves 2

  1. Sauté the minced shallot in butter until soft and translucent, then add porcini mushrooms to caramelize.
  2. Add in the dry Carnaroli rice and cook for 2 minutes, stirring frequently. Add the white wine to cook off the alcohol and slightly reduce, about 2-3 minutes.
  3. With the rice mixture over medium high heat, begin ladling the stock one cup at a time into the rice mixture and continuously stir until every cup has evaporated and absorbed into the rice. It’s important to work in batches repeating the addition of stock until the rice is cooked and to your desired al’dente texture.
  4. To finish, add the grated Parmigiano Reggiano and stir until incorporated.
  5. The final step; shave your fresh white truffle liberally over the cooked risotto with truffle shaver or microplane grater. Enjoy immediately!
Shipping & specs
These truffles weigh between 8-20g in size. Looking for larger sized truffles? We have them here!