Best Clarified Grass-Fed Umbrian White Truffle Butter photos by Regalis Foods - item 1

Clarified Grass-Fed Umbrian White Truffle Butter

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Umbria is a famously lush region in central Italy, known for its olive oils, wines, and dairy, among much more. For this selection, fresh butter from grass-fed cows is churned with White Winter Truffles to produce a luscious, subtly piquant butter that marries beautifully with myriad accompaniments. On their own, the White Winter Truffle flavor profile eludes easy summary — they’re garlicky, with a rustic barnyard funk reminiscent of exquisite cheese and a caramelized nutty sweetness that melts marvelously into fat, the very trait that makes this butter such a stellar staple to have on hand.

This product is shelf-stable.

Jars contain 3oz of butter.