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Kookwanmo Mulberry Black Vinegar

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Daegu, South Korea

Our Korean black vinegars come from Kookwanmo, a family-owned business making traditional vinegars since 1994. Their process always begins with a brown rice base before the addition of natural, local ingredients. The mixtures then spend a minimum of three years in traditional earthenware urns, gradually developing the inky black appearance that earns their namesake. 

This particular vinegar is made with mulberries, and aged for three years. On their own, mulberries look like elongated blackberries, with a good balance between sweetness, tartness, and hints of more rustic flavors such as cedar, cocoa, and baking spices. In Kookwanmo’s Black Vinegar, the mulberries provide a rich, complex balance of sticky sweetness and earthiness, making this vinegar incredibly palatable for a variety of uses. 

In Korea, aged vinegars are often consumed on their own, typically diluted with three parts water. For those who have not had vinegars of this caliber, we highly recommend giving this a try as a digestif. Additionally, we also believe that these vinegars pair beautifully with high-quality soy sauces and sesame oils in any recipes that call for them.

This item is a 600ml bottle