Best Hotaru Ika ホタルイカ (Firefly Squid) photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Best Hotaru Ika ホタルイカ (Firefly Squid) photos by Regalis Foods - item 2
Hotaru Ika ホタルイカ (Firefly Squid)
Hotaru Ika ホタルイカ (Firefly Squid)

Hotaru Ika ホタルイカ (Firefly Squid)

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Firefly Squid (Hotaru Ika) get their name for the vibrant blue glow they brandish during spawning season. This enchanting sight in the sea heralds springtime in Japan, when these tiny little squid will adorn high-end menus for the season. Typically just two or three inches long, Hotaru Ika are often eaten raw, but are also delicious when marinated and grilled. Their taste is bold and briney, but not too “fishy,” most commonly compared to rich, fatty shrimp, though they earnestly defy any direct comparisons. An approachable, balanced introduction to the squid could be steaming them with dashi and serving over rice, or alongside cucumber salad. Regardless of preparation, we highly recommend eating them whole, as the mix of textures contained within just one bite is absolutely one of a kind. 

Our Hotaru Ika arrived cooked, ready to serve as-is or amenable to further preparation. While they remain extremely rare outside of eastern Asia, this is an incredible opportunity to indulge in something profoundly evocative of elevated Japanese cuisine from half the world away.

Kobe, Japan

Offered in a 300g portioned tray.

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