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Five-Year Fermented Ganjang (Soy Sauce)

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Master Ki, the current matriarch of the family, has been making soy sauce the same way for years, following recipe and traditions passed down for over 360 years. This includes making meju (fermented soybean brick), an integral part of all jangs, during November of the lunar calendar, then the jang during January of the lunar calendar.

The award-winning matriarch of the family behind Artisan Fermentary creates her ganjang (soy sauce) using only fermented Korean-grown soybeans, sea salt, and water. Aged for at least five years in traditional Korean earthenware urns, this ganjang has a similarly Stiltonesque smell to its 3 year aged cousin. The extra age brings out an even deeper flavor and a hint of sweetness, along with a slightly thicker, velvety texture. More complex and less salty than regular soy sauce, it adds an oomph in finishing dishes and also makes a great dipping sauce, by itself or mixed with a little vinegar and white pepper. Some of our friends have started using it in place of fish sauce or instead of Worcester sauce when making bloody marys!

Contains 180ml soy sauce

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