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Slow Fermented Black Garlic

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Sourced from an organic farm in California, we use the Asian Tempest variety for our slow fermented black garlic. This strain is popularly cultivated in Korea and Southeast Asia due to its exceptionally high sugar content, which lends itself beautifully to the slow, intense caramelization process. After weeks of gentle heating in a carefully controlled environment, this organically grown garlic takes on a deep obsidian color, a soft and chewy texture, and a funky, sweet flavor. Shedding the harshness and astringency of standard fresh garlic, we’re left with syrupy richness and just enough tang to keep its garlicky spirit intact. 

Tasting like tamarinds, dates, and balsamic vinegar, black garlic is pleasant enough to eat on its own, but also works beautifully on crusty bread, blended into sauces and pastes, or as a substitute for chutney, alongside cheese and charcuterie. 

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California, United States

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