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Canela Cinnamon Branch, 1ft quills

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Real Canela is wildly aromatic, with sweet floral brightness and herbal vanilla undertones. An extremely rare ingredient to come by, and even rarer in a full quills - this is truly a special, exceptional item to have on hand.

This is new harvest Mexican Canela, from the the inner tree bark of the evergreen cinnamon tree. Canela is indigenous to Sri Lanka and is the famous varietal first introduced to Latin America in the 16th century by the Spanish. To this day, Mexico currently imports close to 95% of their supply abroad, though the original hybridized “Ceylon” cultivars are still being grown in pockets of Oaxaca. These particular quills measure over 3 feet long and should not be confused with their counterfeit cousin, cassia, the cheap and bitter “cinnamon stick” that accounts for 90% of American imports. Unfortunately it’s quite difficult to ship the full 3 foot quills, so we are now offering them in 1 foot sections.

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