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Japanese White Strawberries
Japanese White Strawberries

Japanese White Strawberries

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The highly sought-after white strawberry is like no other, snow white on the outside and inside, with an intense flavor and sweetness. Apart from the fact that not many strawberry farmers are dedicated to the art of growing these particular strawberries, what adds to the scarcity is that only a small percentage of the strawberries from the same patch actually turn out a pure white; only about 10 percent of production. 

We are offering two varieties of exceptionally rare varieties: 

White Pearl (10-15 ct/tray): is sourced in the Kumamoto prefecture from the town of Tamana. These small, milky white and pink hued strawberries have a unique pineapple fragrance that boasts a surprisingly sweet and tropical flavor. This variety is highly coveted throughout Japan and often given as gifts and celebrated for its rarity. 

The Snow Rabbit (6 ct/tray) is a variety sourced in the Ibaraki prefecture even sweeter than the White Pearl, measuring extremely high on the brix scale for residual sugar content. These pure white strawberries are larger in size and have an even more intense fragrance and taste like tropical candy. Pure white color. *these are bred specifically to be the most aromatic and sweet tasting. These extremely coveted treasures are grown at the Dream Farm by the family of Yanagisawa Yuichi. 

 *strawberries may shift in their tray during shipping and strawberry farm packaging may alter slightly (we source only the highest quality brand of the week via the Toyosu Market weekly berry auction)