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Fresh Baja Kampachi

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This Kampachi is a beautiful, sashimi-quality marine fish, sustainably farmed in Baja, Mexico. Clean, crisp bite and a rich, buttery flavor make Kampachi wonderfully suitable for raw preparations. Because of its firm texture and high fat content it can also stand up nicely to poaching, grilling, or even smoking.

These fish are killed according to the famed Ike Jime process, a complex procedure that minimizes stress while the fish is harvested, preserving the flavor and texture of the fish far more effectively than is possible with a less thoughtful or meticulous approach. In addition to being as sustainable and humane as possible, this practice prevents the surge of lactic acid that often compromises the quality of the meat.

 Baja, Mexico

Product available in 3 sizes: 1-2lb fresh fish, 4-6lb fresh fish, and 1.5-2.5lb super-frozen side

Fresh fishes will ship whole and undrawn, directly from our fishing partners with no additional processing