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Regalis Mixed Mushroom Box

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Our Regalis Mixed Mushroom Box is a seasonal selection of our freshest, most exciting mushrooms of the week. 

Each Cultivated Box includes a random 4 lb mix of 3-4 varieties of mushrooms.

Each Wild Mushroom Box contains 1 wild variety & 2-3 cultivated varieties.

We have two variants available. 

In our Cultivated Mushroom Box, varieties can include; Black Maitake, Royal Trumpet, Silver Oyster, Golden Enoki, Oak Grown Donko Shiitake, White Hon Shemeji & Brown Hon Shemeji

In our Wild Mushroom Box, varieties can include; Cordyceps, Bluefoot, Cauliflower, Chestnuts, Morels, Golden Chanterelles, Lobster Mushrooms, Matsutake, & White Chanterelle. 

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