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California Whelk (1 lb)

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Whelk are delicious, petite sea mollusks, presented here live and still in their gorgeous shells. Found off the coast of California, their size makes them a bit more approachable and versatile than Abalone, their more famed and pricey relative. 

Whelk are known for their brisk salinity, soft sweetness, and tender mouthfeel. Their balance of sweetness and brine often earns them comparisons to Clams or Scallops, and when cooked lightly, they have a delightfully chewy texture that pairs excellently with all sorts of fats. 

Different cuisines have diverse approaches to Whelk, attesting to their versastility. Often returned to their shells after cleaning and preparation, they come out equally lovely whether sautéed, grilled, boiled, or even cleaned and thinly sliced for a sashimi-style presentation.

Sold live in-shell, 3 - 4 pieces/lb

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