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California XL Rock Crab Claws

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Our beautiful California Rock Crab claws are pre-steamed and ready to eat right out of the shell. 

Cold water California Rock Crab is fished off the coast of Santa Barbara and is the more succulent, full flavored species to that of the Florida stone crab. Unlike Stone Crab, Rock crab fisherman can harvest the entire crab.

Fantastic served with drawn butter, cocktail sauce, or a homemade mustard aioli.

To crack open the claws, we recommenced using the back of a metal spoon. One or two whacks and the shells open up beautifully. No special cracker or utensil required.

We have 2 size variants available. 5 lbs and 10 lbs.**

There are around 5-6 claws in 1 pound.

Please note: This product may take extra time to arrive due to fishing availability from our fishermen.