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California XL Rock Crab Claws

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Our beautiful California Rock Crab claws are pre-steamed and ready to eat right out of the shell. 

California Rock is the more succulent, flavorful cousin to the Florida Stone Crab that is commonly consumed on the east coast. Unlike Florida Stone Crab, however, an entire California Rock can be harvested - something prohibited in Florida, where fishermen are only permitted to remove the claws, which grow back in about eighteen months. In Florida, this measure is necessary in order to protect the species, but off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, these California Rock Crabs have been managed sustainably enough to enjoy less restricted fishing access. We are proud to represent the Rock Crab in this convenient and accessible format, while also offering the whole live Rock Crab, if preferred.

To open the claws, we recommend using the back of a standard metal spoon. After one or two strong taps, the shell will open up beautifully. 

These are absolutely lovely with drawn butter, cocktail sauce, or a homemade mustard aioli.

Offered in packs of 5lbs or 10lbs, with approximately 5 or 6 claws/pound.

Please note that this item may take extra time to arrive, pending availability from our fishermen.