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Sparassis Mushroom
Sparassis Mushroom

Sparassis Mushroom

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Product Description

Sparassis mushrooms have a brainy appearance that, when mature and appropriately pale in color, look like heads of cauliflower, earning them the nickname of Cauliflower Mushrooms. Despite being so visually distinct and having the potential to grow as large as fifty pounds, these mushrooms are scarce and elusive in the wild. Fortunately, several countries around the world have been successfully cultivating them since the late twentieth century, and we believe that these Chinese examples are as fine a rendition as one can find anywhere at all.

Due to their layered nooks and crannies, we do recommend thoroughly rinsing these mushrooms before preparation. They are quite sturdy, so there is no need to worry about adversely impacting their texture while doing so. Their floral, honeysuckle aroma makes these mushrooms phenomenal with gamey and fatty broths, but an indispensable aspect of their allure is the crunchy, delicate texture they can present when roasted. 

Offered in clusters of approximately 5 lbs.

Sichuan, China