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Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Striploin

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Kagoshima is a prefecture in southern Japan, dotted with active and dormant volcanoes and a warm, tropical climate. Due to its favorable landscape and the Kagoshima Black Cattle breed of cows endemic to the region, a considerable amount of Japan’s total Wagyu production comes from Kagoshima. As with all of our A5 Japanese Wagyu, this selection represents the finest quality beef anywhere in the world, with classification standards rigorous and honest enough to truly let each prefecture’s sense of place shine. 

Wagyu from Kagoshima is known for its tender texture, full-bodied depth of flavor, and its even marbling consistency throughout every fiber of the muscles. One look at this beef immediately dispels any uncertainty about its superiority to others, a credit to the unparalleled efforts that Japanese Wagyu producers uphold to ensure that their animals lead low-stress lives and meet meticulously managed ends. 

Beef of this caliber is stunningly satiating. With this Striploin cut, we love a fast sear on high-heat, but are equally happy with simpler, gentler preparations in the spirit of sashimi or tartare. 

Kagoshima, Japan

Available in portions of 16 - 17 oz, 17 - 18 oz, 18 - 19 oz, or 3.5 - 4lb “big boys." All Wagyu is delivered frozen.

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