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American Wagyu Chuck Short Rib - 3 lb Avg (2 Pack)

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These boneless chuck short ribs bring the luscious, complex marbling expected from ribeye alongside the deep, dense flavor of traditional chuck roast. Cut right from the dividing line of the shoulder (chuck) and the rib primal, this is a rich and indulgent selection that is best reserved for low, slow braising, resulting in incredible succulence and tenderness.

We are incredibly proud to represent American Wagyu partners from throughout the American West. With herds grazing on thousands of acres, American Wagyu represent hybrid cattle breeds from America and Asia — American Blank Angus and Japanese Kuroge Washu. The resulting steaks are some of the most tender, intensely marbled cuts produced anywhere in the United States.

Sold as two individual cuts (on average 3lbs total)

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